INSPIRE: singing/yoga

Listen and be heard with singing... Loosen-up your body with yoga... Relax and let-go with massage...Take a deep breath and a big leap with... INSPIRE


Fri 4th - Mon 7th May 2018 (3 nights)

Sète /// Montpellier, France

COST £355 (includes everything except flights and optional individual massage)

Three days of relaxation and fun in a beautiful town on the Mediterranean coast.

What people say...

"...the yoga pushed me and the singing was energising, inspiring, fabulous!!!"  Kathleen

"...the space was great, the yoga was great and the singing was great. I'd love to do more of the same again." Emma

"Thank you for putting a spring in my step all day." Izzy

The price includes:

·       All classes

·       Accommodation

·       All meals/drinks

·       Use of pool

·       Airport transfers to/from Montpellier airport

·       Wine!

**Doesn’t include flights or optional individual massage



In the countryside just a 40 minute drive from Montellier Airport is La Maison Des ArtsThis charming, medieval chateau is situated at the foot of the inspiring Pic St Loup mountain, in the heart of the local wine-making region, in the midst of nature and the mountains.


The days will be spent doing yoga workshops (focusing on the breath, breathing exercises and yoga asanas) and singing workshops using, discovering songs in a variety of genres (Gospel, African, Pop, Blues). There will also be a Massage Workshop on the first day with Cecile (you can complete your relaxation under her practised hands later should you wish!)

Delicious, traditional French meals will be cooked in-house by our excellent chef, Zef. The gardens, the olive groves, the pool and your beautiful surroundings will do the rest! Classes will take place in English and French, and all classes are open to all levels: from complete beginners to more advanced singers/yoga-practitioners and will be adapted according to your needs and wants.


Flights: Easyjet flies from London Gatwick to Montpellier. We will be doing transfers for the following flights:

OUTBOUND: Friday 4th May London Gatwick > Montpellier 12:50-15:40

INBOUND: Monday 7th May Montpellier > London Gatwick 22:00-22:50


FRIDAY 4th May

Arrival after 5pm

19:00 Welcome + Singing

20:30 Dinner


9:00-10:30 Pranayama + Yoga

11:00 Brunch

Free-time (siesta, walk, massage, swim)

14:30-16:30 Singing

16:30 Tea-time

17:00-18:30 Massage workshop

19:30  Dinner


9:00-10:30 Pranayama + Yoga

11:00 Brunch

12:30-14:30 Singing

Free-time (siesta, walk, massage, swim)

16:30 Tea-time

17:00-18:00 Yoga + relaxation

19:30 Dinner


9:00-10:30 Pranayama + Yoga

11:00 Brunch

12:30-14:30 Singing

15:30 Depart to Montellier airport


SINGING - Ruth Routledge – Pram Chorus, London

YOGA - Antje Brocksieper - Yogagogo, Sète

MASSAGE - Cécile Juteau - Mamacita Massage, Sète


INSPIRE is a story of friendship, meeting and adventure. Antje (from Germany) and Ruth from the UK met 17 years ago in a musicology lecture as students in Montpellier, each of them on their voyage of discovery abroad. Several years later, Antje moved to Sète and met Cécile (massage), through their children and around their interest in the body. Then the idea and the desire came together: Yoga + Singing + Massage. We must do something together! Our three disciplines are intimately connected: they are based on the breath, engaging the body (and voice) and mental awareness. INSPIRE is about the meeting between our internal worlds and the external world.

Take a big leap and come with us on our next voyage of discovery. You will get to know yourself better, you will laugh, you will relax and leave….INSPIRED!


Ruth Routledge SINGING

I studied music, voice and choral direction at The University of Birmingham as well as in Montpellier and Lyon, France. For 11 years I have specialised in ensemble work, directing choirs of all different levels, from beginners to professionals in London. It is in working with group dynamics and individual confidence that I focus my work, resulting in a tighter and happier ensemble. I always take care to create a warm and supportive environment so that everyone is encouraged and faciliated to achieve more than they had ever thought possible, in a spirit of joy and humour.

Antje Brocksieper YOGA

After practising dance for many years I discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga according to Shri K Pattabhi Jois in 2004and I am a student of Arnaud Kancel in Montpellier. This dynamic practise, carried by the breath, allies power and fluidity, taking you on a path of self-discovery. It is a revelation : no matter how you are feeling physically, mentally or emotionally, the practise enables you to find an inner balance, bringing better understanding and acceptance of ones body and spirit; its limits and a more subtle sensitivity to oneself and others. It is a complete practise and also a powerful means for transformation and calming the mind. It is this expérience that I want to share.  I love teaching and pay particular attention to adapt to each individual and their particular movements to help them on the path to increased self-awareness.

Cécile Juteau MASSAGE

Trained as an educator and storyteller, I have returned to massage after 15 years. This tool allows me to enter into relation with and to accompany people who wish to hear what their body is telling them. I have diversified my techniques starting with Californian and "Amma" massage. Discovery of the body is unlimited, which is why I continue learning, studying reflexology in Paris at the RTTFA to deepen my approach. I combine a gentle and firm touch, using both smooth and strong movements, anchored and carried by what I feel in the moment, with the aim of creating a space where you can experience your body and simply be in the here and now.