Upcoming Events

We have lots of exciting events coming up this term:

INSPIRE yoga and singing workshop. Saturday 10th Feb 9:00-12:30am

Effraspace, Effra Parade, Brixton.

Cost £20.   BOOK HERE! Not child-friendly - this is just for YOU!

I've started working with a yoga-teacher friend, Antje Brocksieper, and we are finding that working with the breath and body through yoga exercises does absolute wonders for everyone's singing, not to mention overall state of mind and body! This workshop is suitable for complete beginners to more advanced practitioners. We'll starting with a yoga workshop with Antje before a short break and moving on to singing. If there is something in particular you'd like to work on singing-wise, do let me know! It's a chance to work at things that we don't necessarily have time for in our usual choir sessions so if you have a question or vocal issue you'd like to address, please let me know. Similarly, if you are interested in the longer residential course in May (details below), it's an opportunity to meet Antje and try it all out.

Gig at the London Acapella Festival  Saturday 27th January, 10:45-11:00am

 Kings Place, Kings Cross. FREE and child-friendly :-)

A short (but sweet) performance at the London Acapella Festival, which has other workshops and performances throughout the day, so stick around if you can.

Gig and Quiz fundraiser for Little Village Thursday 8th March. 8:00-10:30pm

Venue TBC. We'll be performing 8:30-9:00pm so more baby-friendly than child-friendly but totally up to you - it won't be too loud! Cost £10/person. Max 8 per quiz team.

This is our big, annual gig and is lots of fun as we perform and then have the fun of a pub quiz, hosted by none other then Mr Pram Chorus himself, Dave! He writes the whole quiz himself, so it has a wide variety of weird and wonderful questions. It is a really fun evening and great to get all the choirs together for a good cause and friends to come and hear us and do the quiz together. 

INSPIRE Singing and Yoga holiday to the South of France (Montpellier) 4th-8th May.

Cost £450 (includes everything except flights) £100 deposit. RESERVE YOUR PLACE HERE!

Go on treat yourself!! Book your place on this residential course combining yoga warm-ups and breathing exercises with lots of lovely singing and optional individual massages. G A slight update on details: it won't be taking place in the currently advertised venue as having looked round it, it's not quite suitable bedrooms-wise (lots of doubles) and the kitchen is actually in the main studio. So not ideal! We have however found a wonderful alternative close by: La Maison Des Arts and are just firming up the details, which I'll let you know about asap. The overall cost of £450 is the same, which covers everything except flights.

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Watch footage of us performing and hear from Juliet and Laurice about how it has gone....

Thanks to Nikki Parchment at Parchment Productions

I'd like to see Pram Chorus live!

We love performing and have done so at local community events, done our own charity fundraising events, performed at The Southbank and on stage at festivals.

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I'd like Pram Chorus to perform at my event!

The delight we take in singing is guaranteed to brighten up a wide variety of events. From school fairs, charity auctions, family-friendly workshops, weddings and corporate events.

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