Starting back after a loooong break!

This is my first ever blog post, so welcome! You will have to forgive any stumblings as I feel as though I'm slowly grinding my brain back into work mode after what feels like a very long time. I have been keeping busy feeding, entertaining, disciplining, washing, clearing-up-after and, very occasionally of course, losing-my-temper-with my sprogs, little of which comes naturally to me. I have had barely 5 minutes in which to gather my thoughts without interruption in the last 4 weeks and even snuck into the loo and surreptitiously locked the door yesterday so I could do an internet supermarket order. Honestly! The lengths I have to go to! I do go to the supermarket at least once a day yet somehow don't succeed in buying all the things we actually need. I would blame myself, but it's really not my fault - it's the fault of the constant interruptions by small people "really needing" the brightly packaged things in small individual packets, or winding each other up or tripping up other unsuspecting shoppers. A supermarket trip with my kids truly is a mental, emotional and physical assault course of gargantuan proportions (hence my sneaky toilet-stop yesterday!)

Anyway, I digress (sorry). There is lots going on this term, namely in the form of not having our Tuesday session anymore, but having new sessions starting on different days and places. These will be starting after half term, with the idea being to spread the PC-love beyond Balham and Tooting and also to give you more options in terms of days/locations.

I am also sending out a survey for you to honestly tell me what you think works and what doesn't - please don't hold back!!

We are also hitting the ground running with two local events in our first three weeks of term: firstly a Macmillan coffee morning in Balham on Friday 15th September straight after our Friday session. This will be a workshop-style session teaching a couple of simple songs to everyone before having lovely cakes - so please let me know if you can donate a cake and also invite friends/neighbours. All donations will go to Macmillan nurses. Secondly we are performing with Night Chorus as part of Tootopia on Saturday 23rd September 2:30pm at the Graveney and Meadow. It's a lovely festival at different venues in and around Tooting.

After that we will be knuckling down to learning.....wait for it.....CHRISTMAS SONGS! A diverse selection of carols and other festive songs. I have chosen the songs but if you have a cracking idea do let me know and hopefully we can add it in....

Onwards and upwards Pram Choristers :-)