• Pram Chorus Weekly groups in London will be continuing under the new name, CRIB NOTES.

Contact: info@cribnotes.co.uk

After founding and running our four London groups in 2012, Ruth is taking her leave from doing this in order to focus on the singing for mental health and wellbeing groups she has started with local family-support charities, Homestart Wandsworth and Little Village. BUT the weekly groups in Streatham, Brixton, Beckenham and Balham will be continuing under the leadership of Jake Shirley (Musical Director) and Amandine Olivier.

Pram Chorus franchises will continue to run and more Pram Chorus resources in Music Leadership and Songs will be available soon…

  • Join our sister-choir, NIGHT CHORUS! Mondays 8:00-9:30pm, Balham Scout Hall, 197 Balham High Rd. Find out more... Autumn Term starting Monday 9th September.



We had a fantastic time at our BIG GIG AND QUIZ on the 15th May, raising £1060 which will go towards running Sing For PND groups with local family support charity, Little Village.

A huge thank you to the generosity of everyone involved, in particular our soloist Tracey Jane Campbell, Effra Social who very kindly donated the venue, Mhairi Grealis from Clip Theatre who lent and helped set up the lighting, and of course, all the singers!

About Pram Chorus...

Pram Chorus is a fun, friendly, non-auditioned community choir with groups in Streatham, Brixton, Beckenham, Tooting and Balham, London and further afield in Sheffield, UK. It's for mums, dads, grandparents, expectant mothers, nannies and anyone else looking after small people - although similarly, you don't have to have a mini-chaperone. Everyone is welcome! It's about YOU doing something creative and fun for yourself, where your little one is also welcome (in all their vocal glory!) So bring yourself, your bumps and babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and come to sing a huge variety of songs - no nursery rhymes.

You don't need to have any singing experience or expertise. The point is to come along and have some fun! Songs are taught by ear, without sheet-music, so you can have your hands free to hold, feed, jiggle, dance your little ones, as well as listening and responding to the other singers. You will leave feeling energised and uplifted, with a funky ear-worm and a spring in your step.

Pram Chorus is more than a choir - it's a community, where everyone is welcomed and supported in a non-judgemental way. We take it in turns to bring cake/biscuits to share afterwards and strong friendships are often formed. The experience of becoming a parent can be a lonely one as you are thrust into a brave new world of sleepless nights and being at the mercy of a tiny one's needs, so having a friendly, non-judgemental place to go, where you don't even have to make small talk, can be a lifesaver. 

Pram Chorus is the dream-child of  experienced choir director, singer and mum, Ruth Routledge.  Aside from getting you to make sounds you’ve never even dreamed of, Ruth is supportive and understanding of your needs and creates a warm, welcoming place to come together. You don't need to have any singing experience or talent, nor do you have to make small talk or discuss the intricacies of your baby's feeding/pooing-habits (although of course you can) - you can just rock up and sing!



Have a listen to Tooting member, Antonia, talking about Pram Chorus giving a sense of belonging as well as just making you feel better.